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Gate Openers

Slide Gate Operators are most commonly used for commercial gate automation systems. However, slide gates are an excellent choice for residential driveway gate automation when the site has steep grades prohibiting the use of a swing gate, or other site restrictions. Slide gates use V-groove wheels on a track and gate roller guides that are used to guide the gate and keep it upright. A mooring point, also called a gate catcher, is located on the opposite post to stabilize the gate in the closed position.

When it comes to swing gate openers, there are many different possibilities. However, there are two main types of swing gate openers; Linear Arm and Swing Arm. Linear Arm Operators are the most popular style of residential swing gate opener due to the ease of installation and attractive appearance. Swing Arm Operators are an excellent choice for any install where durability and speed are important, and they're most popular on commercial applications. This style of operator can open a large swinging gate in 12 to 15 seconds depending on length and weight.

Designed specifically for overhead gates used in large underground parking structures and apartment buildings, these openers keep traffic flowing, even in the event of a power outage for up to two weeks with the optional battery backup system. With strength and durability in mind, these openers stand up to high traffic flow and extreme wear and tear, even in the harshest weather conditions.

Access Control Systems

Whether you have a single-family home, apartment/condo, or live in a gated community, Access Control Systems can give you multiple options for managing your access points.

One of the most common methods of controlling visitor access at gates and doors is through the use of a Telephone Entry System (TES). A TES provides communication from a secured entry point, to a resident, tenant or into a building, by communicating through the telephone lines. Once communication is established, the person at the gate can speak with the person inside the property. If the resident/tenant wishes to grant access, they can dial a number on their telephone, which in turn activates a relay inside the TES.

Complete your system with accessories that increase safety and efficiency and give you more convenient control. Whether you need remotes, receivers, keypads, fingerprint readers or RFID readers, we can take your access control system to the next level of security. Call us today to discuss your needs and options.